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Our Story
How We Got Here

I had been working on appliances full-time for about 4 years, running the occasional side repair after work hours… moonlighting some would say. As the call load increased, we realized it was time to form a business for tax purposes.

My wife and I worked together as a team to come up with a name for our side business. We wanted something that stood out. We didn’t want to be Jim’s Appliance Repair or Davenport’s Appliance. We wanted something that would be memorable and unique. We came up with the name Magically Repaired.

Over time, our logo has evolved. We started with a basic looking card… no graphics… just some appliances with the business name. Eventually, we had a teal blue card with a campy looking wizard. Our first service van had an even campier looking wizard on it. I’m not sure why I approved the graphics back then, but none the less, they fit the budget for a couple years.
It didn’t take long for my side work to begin to consume all my free time. With the birth of our first daughter, I hated being absent from home, so in the fall of 2008, I decided to go to work for myself full-time. With 100% devotion to the business during working hours, Magically Repaired flourished.

In 2010, I worked with Wiles Signs and Image Ink to design our current and longest running logo. I personally think they did a fantastic job.


Several years have now passed, and the Magically Repaired family has continued to grow. My wife Jessica and I now have two beautiful daughters, and our team has grown to three amazing employees. I no longer moonlight, but we all work very hard Monday through Friday 8-5. With no exceptions, evenings and weekends are reserved for family.